Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Folsom Animal Park and Exciting News!

Jay, Samuel and Abigail got to experience Folsom Animal Safari, which is only about 30 minutes from our house. They fed the "wild" animals and explored to vast gift shop. The group rode in a wagon train, pulled by a tractor, and saw giraffes, different kinds of deer, zebras, kangaroos, fish and turtles. Abigail said her favorite part was seeing the elephants...the only problem is that there were no elephants! Maybe in her dreams on the drive home. ;) The ride was about and hour and a half, which was a little long for our preschool attention spans, but Daddy rewarded good behavior with a selection from the gift shop. Samuel chose a truck and Abigail a stuffed puppy dog. Which is SOOOOO Samuel and Abigail!

Now, for the big news. Mommy couldn't go on this particular family adventure, because we are starting a new chapter in our family. Baker Baby #3! I had a doctor's appointment scheduled and got to hear the baby's heartbeat. Baby #3 is due February 16, 2010. Samuel wants a baby sister, and Abigail wants a baby brother.

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